DOTDOT come together, let's go together!!

I can fill my world on my own, but that's... so... it's obvious!!
Together, more fun things will happen. Let's go together, friends!

Smart and sloppy JI

On the other hand, I am a lazy and playful sleepy, but this is all... It's because she resembles her dad

There seems to be no? Sang of anti-war charm

Because I have a soft heart, I am kind to everyone, but I can't just go over after seeing injustice!

E with a strange expression, as if vaguely and angry

I have a personality that struggles with anything but... I'm lucky that it's a big hit again. He wrote 10, 11, 20, 21, 40, and 41 on the lottery and won 2nd place.

Ha always wants to get attention

But it's not as popular as I thought, so I'm always worried. Pushing and pulling are important in relationships. Rather, if you push it out, will it become more popular?

Ddo with a personality that won't let go when plugged into something

The first impression is burdensome because of the always energetic expression, but when I get close, I don't have a strong friend!

Gently~ lightly~ Supporter Yooo

Even though the mentality is weak, everyone easily becomes friends because of his friendly personality.