I am a UX/UI Designer and a single developer
This is giihan.

I was a fan of paintings, but after chasing for interesting and interesting things, I came to my senses and became a game developer. And the father of two children!

But, why do you develop one person when you are busy with company work and child-rearing?

As a child, my parents let me think, express and experience while drawing and playing to my heart's content. I think I had a very good time even if I didn't have anything special. How is the times these days? I think that the online environment has come to a great extent for individuals and is a difficult time to reject. Nowadays, when you get used to seeing what has already been made and see a lot about others, I would like to inform you that this is an environment in which children can focus, think, and express themselves in this environment. It is my small goal and pleasure to express myself and find myself in a big online playground.

I'm trying to put the symbolic elements of children in the game in a way that doesn't seem obvious, but in the future, these elements can be an element that can be used to recall memories, right?